Accommodation [river Hiroshi] Traditional Japanese houses "KAWAHIRO of the Shinshu Nozawa Onsen four seasons

Come; welcome to river Hiroshi

Nozawa Onsen that is located in the northern foot of Northeast Nagano bald mountain. With open hot water of the Edo era, it is hot spring with spa-like simple atmosphere now.
It is at position before gondola slope eyes the middle of Nozawa Onsen, Nagasaka ski center ago, and river Hiroshi is slippery and can return to the entrance.

Seasonal information corner

It is most suitable for camp, and ground of turf is maintained and is available in the summer.

We heal fatigue of trip relaxedly in cozy room.


The Nagasaka slope gondola lift very front! If atmosphere of the sum is plentiful, in building of rusticity, meal (dinner, breakfast) is country dish which used local vegetables.
In addition, you get up in lunch in shokutoko of this hotel, and, besides, please appreciate tempura bowl with full of the volume specialty "specialite de la maison, nozawana bowl".

Japanese-style room

All 12 Japanese-style rooms
Calm guest room where is pure Japanese-style made.
Please spend night of quiet Nozawa.
In addition, we can enjoy clear air and scenery of nature from window.

Bath set in the cave, cypress bath

Inside bath
 As it is bath of natural hot spring, please relax in bath set in the cave and cypress bath.
Spring quality simple sulfur spring (clear colorlessness)
It is effective for stomach and intestines disease, rheumatism, woman's illness, palsy

It is relief, accommodation of safe facilities.

"Fire-prevention standards symbol system" is system to issue "fire-prevention standards symbol" for approved building when firefighting organization adapts to standard about important building structure.

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